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In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th of December, pertaining to the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature in its article 5, interested parties who are asked for details of a personal nature have the right to be informed beforehand expressly, accurately and unequivocally of the existence of a file, of the purpose for which the data is gathered, the recipients of said information, the identity and address of the person Responsible for the File and of the option to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

To this effect, the Law establishes that when questionnaires or other such forms are used to gather information, the aforementioned notices will be clearly displayed on same.

In the event that the data has not been gathered directly from the interested party, he/she must be informed of same by the person Responsible for the File, within three months following registration of the data.

When the data comes from public sources and is intended for advertising or sales prospecting, the origin of the data will be stipulated in each communication, together with the identity of the person Responsible for the File and applicable rights.

Apart from in specific cases, in order to communicate or cede data, the prior consent of the interested party must be obtained.
Likewise, only with written consent from the affected party can especially protected data be handled, such as ideology, syndicate affiliation, religion and beliefs, as well as racial origin, health or sex life.

Restaurante Urbe, as the party Responsible for the File, must include the pertinent information and/or consent clauses in each and every one of the forms or documents used to collect personal data, which must be signed.

A legal clause has been designed for each one which complies with legislation pertaining to the right to information and request for consent. To follow, each of the clauses designed to this effect are specified.


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